The whirr of Cicadas soundtracks this visceral, accomplished debut novel …the vividly evoked backdrop of nature serves to set into high relief the struggles of being human. – Sydney Morning Herald (link to full review)

Cicada is an engaging read from start to finish. – Otago Dunedin Times (link to full review)

The diverse geography, climate, flora and fauna of the Kimberley are revealed in lyrical descriptions as the characters move ‘through country that was like an ancient sea where long shallow waves had suddenly stopped and turned to sand, with small stones like bubbles at the crest. – Australian Book Review (link to review excerpt)

…Cicada has its own filmic quality, leaving readers with the sense that they, like the main character, have undergone a spiritual transformation in the Kimberley landscape which is in turn its own character in the novel. – The West Australian

This book is a book that should be read and re-read, passed between friends and family, recommended and discussed. Its pages should be dog-eared, its passages underlined. – HerCanberra (link to full review)

A powerful story that explores the human desire to survive and the injustices performed on our indigenous population. Cicada is a passionate and powerful debut. –

Moving, lyrical and intense, McKinnon effortlessly tells the tale of two lost souls, both learning from the other. – Culture Street (link to full review)

Cicada by Moira McKinnon is a reading experience that enriches as it breaks your heart. It is a truly rewarding novel. – The Hoopla

…compelling and utterly beautiful. – Aussie Reviews (link to full review)